2014 Honors Dinner Recap

It is my pleasure to provide a brief update of the operations of the EPA Boxing Club. It has been a very exciting two months after our very first Honors Banquet in February 2014.

First of all, we’d like to send a big thank you to everyone who attended the event and/or donated to the club. The event succeeded beyond our expectations, and we were so fortunate to have had such amazing honored guests, event sponsors, and a ballroom full of people! I have been told that breaking even at an organization’s first fundraising event should be considered a success. We are proud to report that after all of our expenses, we netted close to $30,000! With these funds, on top of our base operations, we have begun to compensate our trainers, increase our hours, and created an initial homework tutoring program.

In addition, our Measure C Large Collaborative Grant, done in collaboration with the Drew Health Foundation (another 501(c)(3) in EPA), finally received final approval. We are launching our program to: 1) provide education of health issues and solutions in EPA in the form of workshops, written materials, and a referral resource center, 2) provide daily fitness workouts and training to the community, with weekly training sessions on selected health issues, and 3) develop volunteer resources for the community. The educational topics will include nutrition and diet, obesity, anger management, alcohol and substance abuse, relationship skills, and exercise and fitness habits.

While this is a great beginning of a new era for the club, our work has just started. Up to this point, the EPA Boxing Club has survived only through the tireless efforts of volunteers. The money we bring in only just keeps the club going (e.g. approximately 80% of our budget is rent). In order to have a sustainable club that can survive into the future, we still need help to make sure we can continue to provide these critical services to the East Palo Alto community.

Christopher Cheng, Ph.D.
Honors Banquet Chair and Member of the Board of Directors

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